A Heart For Kenya

We deeply love Kenya, and have loved Kenya long before we ever visited the country.  Having the opportunity to minister in two cities in Kenya this year was an unspeakable privilege for us.  

From Kisumu, where we are known as Javan Ochieng and Dora Adhiambo, to Nairobi, where we are known as Javan Kariuki and Dora Wambui, we sought to make only one name known – the Name of JESUS!  Bwana Yesu asifiwe sana!

Kisumu was a unique ministry experience.  With our dear brother and sister, Pastors George and Molly Barrack, we were able to visit the homes of widows and minister the Love of Jesus to a group of 37 orphans.  With the widows and orphans we were hoping to give love, but all the while we received an outpouring of love in return. We shared a message of Grace and redemption with them, and we spent a beautiful time fellowshipping with them, both individually and collectively.  We look forward to future occasions together with those whom the world has called “widows and orphans,” but Jesus calls them kings and queens.

Before leaving Kisumu , we had the opportunity to address a professional Kenyan football club called Western Stima, FC (or a “soccer team” for you Americans who don’t know what real football is).  If you have never seen a team of professional athletes worshipping Jesus passionately, check out the short clip we have posted below.

Leaving Kisumu, we arrived in the capital city of Nairobi with big expectations, and God exceeded those expectations.  Connecting with our dear friends, Pastors John and Grace Kimani, we set out to teach the Word and impart God’s Love. Wherever we taught the Word, people were more than receptive.  For us, teaching the Word of God is a passion and a calling, and nothing is more rewarding than watching people be stirred and set ablaze with revelation from the Word. While in Nairobi, we had the opportunity to bring food to a community of Congolese refugees.  There, with those beautiful and loving refugees, we ministered a message of hope and the certainty of God’s faithfulness.

As we depart from Kenya now, we leave a big part of our hearts behind…. We will be back soon!

Now, check out this clip of the Western Stima professional football club singing and dancing for Jesus!...