Spreading His Love Throughout Uganda

When in Uganda, we have the distinct privilege of venturing far outside of the capital city of Kampala and connecting with wonderful people around the country, wherever there are branch churches in the Glory of Christ network.  Some of those journeys lead us into remote villages. It is in these remote places where we have the opportunity not only to give love, but to receive an outpouring of genuine love and hospitality from the precious people. In 2017, while visiting orphans in Rakai, we had been asking the Lord to love the people through us.  Rather than answering our prayer as we had requested, God made the opposite happen. He loved us in staggering and overwhelming fashion through the children of Rakai.

This year, we took a road trip to Namayingo, near the Kenyan border to conduct a weekend conference for regional pastors and leaders. By the Grace of God, the conference was a wonderful success.  Whenever Glory of Christ sends us out of Kampala to minister in other parts of the country, they provide us with solid leaders from their church who accompany us. For this trip toward the east of Uganda, we traveled with our dear friends Pastor Paul Kayanja and Pastor Simon Matovu.  It was an unspeakable honor to serve alongside these two powerful men of God, who are both part of the pastoral staff at the home church in Kampala.

Here is a quick video clip from Namayingo...