Loving Uganda

When we are in Glory of Christ Church here in Kampala, Uganda, we are right at home.  Pastors Herbert and Irene and their family are an absolute treasure, and from the time we met them, they have held a special place in our hearts.  Our first visit here was in October 2017. The pastors sent us on unforgettable journeys to churches and orphanages in various parts of the country, such as Kyenjojo, Rakai, Masaka, and Entebbe.  During our road trips we formed deep bonds with many of the leaders from the Glory of Christ family.

Now, only ten months later, we have returned.  But this time we are not visitors. They have let us know that we are part of the family.  We love this church and everything they do, from the discipleship training, to the lineage system, to the bank and loan center, to the medical center.

On this trip, we will also go to other parts of the country, visiting churches in the Glory of Christ network, but the main purpose of this visit was for both of us to speak in the annual Heart-2-Heart conference.  Our “Hermana” Irene had a vision to launch “Heart-2-Heart” as a ministry to children in dire need. Thanks to their ministry, these children will have an opportunity for Christ-centered education, enrichment, and empowerment. We believe in the work this ministry is doing.

The conference was attended by people ages 17 and up, and it was meant to bring attention to the work in which Heart-2-Heart is engaged.  Attendance was phenomenal, and the people were very energetic and receptive of the Word. The atmosphere was fire! We consider it on honor to have been invited as speakers in the 2018 Heart-2-Heart conference.  

Here is a quick video clip of us having some fun with the Glory of Christ media team…